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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Visitors,

I've covered quite a number of songs on my YouTube and I find it a little messy for you guys to look for your favorite pieces that I've covered. Moreover, I've received lots of requests on songs which I've already covered. Therefore, I've taken some time off to make shortcut, direct links sorted by genre, demographics, popularity, and partially alphabetical all in this Blog for your convenience. This Blog is called Redefining Piano.

The idea is simple. Most musicians play classical stuffs on piano, and mostly with notes. I play anything I like, anything you request, just simply, anything, including noise. The Piano, if you believe it, will play virtually anything. It is all in your imagination.

I will also continue to add really interesting articles and songs here and you may subscribe to it as a Google User or Blogger for fast updates or just to support me. Also, kindly let me know if there are anything else you wish that I can put here. You may contact me via my Official Website.

Please visit my Official Website to Download Mp3 of your favorite covers!

Ray Mak