Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Visitors,

I've covered quite a number of songs on my YouTube and I find it a little messy for you guys to look for your favorite pieces that I've covered. Moreover, I've received lots of requests on songs which I've already covered. Therefore, I've taken some time off to make shortcut, direct links sorted by genre, demographics, popularity, and partially alphabetical all in this Blog for your convenience. This Blog is called Redefining Piano.

The idea is simple. Most musicians play classical stuffs on piano, and mostly with notes. I play anything I like, anything you request, just simply, anything, including noise. The Piano, if you believe it, will play virtually anything. It is all in your imagination.

I will also continue to add really interesting articles and songs here and you may subscribe to it as a Google User or Blogger for fast updates or just to support me. Also, kindly let me know if there are anything else you wish that I can put here. You may contact me via my Official Website.

Please visit my Official Website to Download Mp3 of your favorite covers!

Ray Mak


  1. hi! ur a great musician,, ive downloaded all your vidz and converted it to mp3's.. love listenin to them specially at night,, anyways, can i have a request? can u play for me the song STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE EARTH by BLESSID UNION OF SOULS,,
    i really love that song,, and im wishing u cud play that song for me,, thanks!!! god bless!! -blaupunkt08

  2. MAN!!!...love your piano playing
    i wish i can play like you
    butta im just a starter
    do u think u could do a tutorial for the song
    J Rice - Thankyou For The Broken Heart?
    i would love if u could do that
    and make it easy to learn too...lol
    thankyou for your time!

  3. hey there super talented person!!
    you're songs are great..i posted my favorites on my facebook page so that everyone there could see them!!!

    you gave me great material for new karaoke nights!!

    keep up the good work!

    best wishes from romania :D!!!

  4. hello dear (: i saw your Billionaire piano version . you are so talented !
    i bought a keyboard for me, on the beginning of this year cuz i have no space for a piano on my room .
    my mom don't pay any class for me, so i learn the songs by the internet .
    i will try to learn by tours tutorials (:
    you so it sooooo well . '-'
    keep like this . xoxo
    (sorry if i wrote something wrong, English are not my first language)

  5. Hi man. you play very well. I play piano too but nothing like you. You ROCK MAN!!!! Well i created a blog with sheets for piano because sometimes they are very difficult to find in internet. Take a look at http://www.partitonline.blogspot.com/
    And who knows maybe we can create a partnership
    Continue playing like you are playing and you will be sucessful in the future

  6. Hey, makhonkit.

    I just sent you a comment on the Eminem - Not Afraid video. Naroga's my youtube username.

    You should go there check it. :)

    Keep up the good work, bro.

  7. could you send me the sheet music???my e-mail is shawnlimcool123@hotmail.com

  8. hello i like song apologize you play it so much good but you play it too fast i cant catch you so can you send me the notes for song apologize

  9. OMG your so awesome...
    I hope i can play with u n learn from u someday..
    May I?

    On January i have plan to go to Malaysia. I hope i can meet u there.


  10. OMG you play the piano super awesome and good!!! :)

    do you mind email me the piano song sheet for
    apologise by one republic and just the way you are by bruno mars??
    i really hope to learn both of these songs! :)
    you'r awesome! keep the good work!


  11. hye there..i always search piano cover's song.
    but now finally i found Malaysian!
    i like your jalur gemilang and love the way you lie...sounds great...
    i love piano..and i really wanna play it..
    i still learning..anyway, best of luck!

  12. I am ASOLUTELLY IN LOVE with your PIANO PLAYING!!! You are so so perfect! Thanks for that!

  13. you are very great, makh! rhythm of your music makes me cry.....
    Well done

  14. I really enjoyed finding your videos on youtube, I'm from Brazil. please make more videos of Lady Antebellum. thanks.

  15. I love your renditions of work from Eminem. Would you ever consider trying his song Beautiful.

  16. Hi!
    You are very good, but I dont find ANY sheets or notes on your site, very dissapointing when you write that it would be!!!

  17. can you play kiss the rain - yiruma ??

  18. Hi. You are really talented I also play piano but not as good as you. Keep up the good work!
    Also I was wondering if you have a piano music sheet Bruno Mars- Just the way you are. I really like your version and would be so happy to learn it. Please if you have time, email it to wateva94@hotmail.com. Thanks and again keep up the good work :D

  19. Hi! You're really talented and amazing on piano! I wish I could get at least half of your skills someday XD.

    Btw I'm wondering if you have a piano sheet music for 0330-U-Kiss and Hello-SHINee. Your version is the best one I've seen O_O. I would be more than happy if you could send it to me on my e-mail if you have time: exo_death-the-kid@hotmail.com. Thank you so much and keep rocking :D

  20. Hi,hats off to your,salute! I like your cover of innuendo Belaian jiwa, can u please send me the piano score for me? A thousand thanks to you. My email address is spoh89@gmail.com

  21. hello Ray Mak,I saw your video on Youtube,your playing is so good,I wish I can playing piano as good as you. Could you please send me the piano note for Nelly - Just A Dream, Many thanks. My E-mail address:l.atata@hotmail.com :)

  22. Hi Raymak I saw your videos on Youtube and wondered if you could send me the sheet music for What Makes You Beautiful, Payphone and Hall of Fame. My email adress is yusuf450@gmail.com. Cheers

  23. Hi Raymark ,
    Your video of h
    Hall of Fame is just amazing!
    I wonder if you could send me the sheet music.
    That would be very nice! Sincerely thankyou!

    Email: presana3@hotmail.com

  24. Hi,
    Would it be possible for you to send me the sheet music for Hall of Fame? If you could, that would be great. Thanks! cmsands@comcast.net

  25. Hi Ray Mak,
    I have watched your videos of hall of fame,down, gungnam style and party rock anthem. They are awesome!! I wish that you would send me the sheet music for this pieces. My hotmail account is: lucasczk@hotmail.com

  26. You are the greatest and I warship you as next to god.Fantastic, Unbelievable talent you have.

  27. i cant download your song:(
    Owl city when can i see you again it wont let me

  28. Hey man I just listen to titanium by David Guetta ft Sia and it's just beautiful. Could you please send me the music sheet? My e-mail address is aguileraleonardo92@gmail.com I would really appreciate :)

  29. Hi, you're good, can you play a song by Stratovarius or Nightwish? that'd be awesome :-)

  30. Youre playing so great. I play piano too. But I wish I could also play those songs like you. I admire you so much.

  31. You played wonderful! I wish i could be like you someday. Do you have the piano sheet for blank space- taylor swift? If you have it can you send it to my email please? My email is leongxinying@gmail.com.

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